Letters for Emily

I sat down and read this without putting it down. Maybe it is because I was close to my grandparents as a kid? I'm still close to the one remaining grandmother. Maybe because I've observed all around, not necessarily speaking of my own family, the mess that can become of a family when a grandparent dies.  The bickering over what. The giving monetary value to one object over another and then complaining about what you got, when the only value that matters is the emotional value the belongs to the item. 

I definitely think the book is great for young teens on up.  It is the first book written by the author of The Rent Collector. And having now met him, I could really see his personality in this book.  I think this book speaks well of the man.  I may have felt a connection with the story, but I know that I also did not put it down until finishing just because of the quality of story. 

This would be a great book club book.  Maybe a family book club...


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