I really enjoyed this right up until the end... Usually I'm OK not knowing everything, but, for example, I really wanted to know what the neighbor boy's parents did (and you'll know what I mean after you read it).  Usually, I'm OK not knowing everything.  But in this case, come on - you talked around it so much, I just want you to tell me what they did... couldn't you, please?

This is a murder mystery influenced by the story of Amanda Knox. I didn't really know much, well, anything except that she was accused of killing her roommate until just now, when I was searching for her name (because I didn't actually care to remember it) - but what I just read really coincides with much of this story, though of course with unique twists.  So, I guess if you know about what happened with Amanda Know, I think you wouldn't really enjoy the book. If you, like me, don't know anything before reading it - it will be an interesting story.

For me it is one of those stories that will make you think, "OK, what do I do, that should something bad happen around me, that people would have no problem believing me guilty of, even when I did nothing wrong, did not commit the crime?" And then, you stop doing that/those thing[s].

OK story for when you are just looking for something to read. I got it on my kindle from the library's online resource.


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