This is the newest book from the author of the Matched series. And, the first book in a new series (I assume it was picked up as a series with how it ends.)  I didn't hate the book.  I'm thinking I recommend waiting until the whole series is out to read them all together (again, just an assumption, but I assume it will be a trilogy as well.)

Still going with the Utopian society theme, I think Condie still provides an interesting story despite the overused theme.  As I did with the first series, I think her creativity helps distract you from disliking the overused theme, as you just enjoy meeting the new characters and keeps you guessing at who will be a good guy and who will be a bad guy, who will survive, and who won't.

I'd like her to write a non-series, fiction novel. I think she has the talent to do so.  Maybe I should send her a fan letter with the suggestion?  For now, like I said, wait until they are all out, and then read the whole series as it were just one book.  Yep, that's what I suggest.

And when you do, enjoy.  (I'm sure I'll read and review the others as they are released...)

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