The Princess in Black

I bought this for me nieces. And so, of course, I needed to read it myself. I haven't heard back from my SIL on if the nieces liked it yet. (It is the 5 year old's first chapter book, she was super excited just by that fact.) I enjoyed it. My godson and his mom liked it.

I'm not anti-princess. Being a tomboy as a child isn't because we didn't have the overmarketing of Princesses when I was growing up. I liked the idea of a story with a princess who does stuff, doesn't just sit around, isn't just waited on hand and foot. It's the first in a series of three, I've learned. (Really? Kids books have series now too?  Oye.) Cute story though, and a local author I like, so I continue to support her as long as she keeps up with the smart writing.

Enjoy with some kids

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