New Life, No Instructions: A Memoir

I think about half of this story is about the woman and her love of dogs and the process of adopting and caring for dogs. I'm not an animal person. I do not like them, period. So, I listened (yes, another book on CD).  I didn't relate with those chapters at all, but I learned - wow, who knew how the process to adopt a dog could be so involved? 

The non-dog part of the story was a good read/listen.  The author has led an interesting life, much of which I could relate with.  I admire her taking control of her life, her battles and stereotypes she has overcome, the losses she has risen above.

I think there were 3 CDs? So the book must be very short. But it was long enough to tell her story. Time was not overspent on one subject or another. The author is a talented story teller, in giving just enough details.


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