Can't we talk about something more pleasant? A Memior

Have you had that conversation? You know, with your parents about moving into a rest home or the like? I haven't, my folks are still young... BUT, I may at Christmas, for that very reason. We had a hard time with my grandparents.  No one wants to give up their home. No one wants to give up their independence. Maybe while that experience is fresh on their mind, that would be a good time to talk about it. I am planning to clean out my parents' garage this Christmas break (they are aware of this).  I remember the cleaning out of my grandparent's houses - yikes. It is so best to do it well before it is necessary, while they can help. If you have parents who don't think that it is necessary to do... maybe you should give them this book so they can have the outside look. And threaten to write a tell all of the experience as well to embarrass them if they don't let you do it now. Ha!

Funny story, told in Sunday comic fashion.


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