And The Mountains Echoed

Any other fans of "The Kite Runner" out there? I truly enjoyed The Kite Runner. i was glad someone loaned me this book by the same author. But I'm not sure if it is because it wasn't a library book, so I didn't have a due date/read by date? It took a long time to get through this story. It just never drew me in.  I felt the story was a bit disconnected, perhaps there were too many story lines/arcs.  I do blame the time it took to read as why I did not remember who all the characters were and didn't feeling any interest in their well being. But I just didn't think there was any real substance to the story. I just set it down thinking it had a lot more potential...

I would still like to read his other book. I hope to enjoy it as I did The Kite Runner.

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