The Tiger's Wife

I'm kind of so-so with regards to liking this book.  As many books too, it went back and forth between two different time periods, and there were connections made between events in the past and in the present, but sometimes you'd be in the present and there was a story told about a past, a different past. And sometime you were in the past, and there was a story told of another different past. I would have preferred the book all be written in the present, with flashbacks to different times as indicated by a date at the start of the chapter, or another method.  The telling of the story was just a bit disjointed for my taste.

The book is a good one, I like many of the stories (though not all) told within the book - the symbolism within them. I think the writing though I'd expect more in a tween book, not in a book written for the adult audience.


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