Hippie Boy: A Girl's Story

I started out disliking this story.  I just have issues with former members of my faith mocking The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The author did grown up in an odd home.  And as I read, more and more I saw really how influential parents are. And it shows how innocent and unassuming and believing children are. It shows how naturally loving they are, naturally accepting. The story also reminds you of how people just want to be loved. How people have an ideal for life, the way they want it to be; how people will settle for something they think, on the surface, promises to be what they want, even if others disagree, because they just want it so much.

I watched a video tonight that talked about how kids see themselves, and about how the insecurities many times are the insecurities of their parents.

The author reflects the thoughts and feelings of her father.  And it is unfortunate. Because his thoughts, his actions, his behavior - while she was growing up, they were not good.

The story grew on me.  I feel sorry for the author. I feel sorry for the circumstances of her childhood.  I hope that she has positive experiences with members of our faith. I hope that she can not feel like she needs to mock a faith that did not do her any harm.

I don't think I really recommend it. But it isn't as bad as you may initially think when starting it.


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