Half Broke Horses

I didn't enjoy this book as much as her first, The Glass Castle. Another true story, of the author's grandmother. So in this case, she took artistic liberty in creating dialogue and story details. I started out enjoying the story. I checked the Book on CD out from the library for a cousin to listen too because I thought he'd enjoy the horse stories. But I think I am getting to be too insensitive,and I want to be sensitive. I think that if someone speaks ill of my religion, I think I want to stop reading the book. I'm fine defending my beliefs to someone I meet on the street, but I don't need to put up with senseless insult in a story.
I'm not sure what is happening to me, but I'm becoming a little closed off. Maybe it is because I'm see so much that I disagree with in the world, that I feel a need to cuddle up with a blanket of niceness, of positiveness.
Please know, this book isn't bad. There is a lot I enjoyed about the book. I definitely recommend the book over the book on CD. I ended up needing to return the book before my vacation, and so I downloaded the end of the story to my iPOD. The author is the narrator, and her voice isn't my favorite.
An interesting story about life in the "old days".

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