I’m kind of behind on posting again. I’ve finished a few books in the last 2 months, but can’t remember all that I’ve read (pathetic), but here begins an attempt to catch up.

This is the conclusion to Matched Trilogy (Matched http://loveandhatebooks.blogspot.com/search/label/matched and Crossed http://loveandhatebooks.blogspot.com/search/label/crossed). I read something, maybe on Goodreads, a Q&A with the author of the series. They asked her if she felt that she’d reached, no pun intended, an end to the series that satisfied her.  She said she felt that was the case.  Do readers thing the same?

I enjoyed the book.  I think that the series ended well. I liked that it wasn’t a perfect ending. I liked that not everything was resolved. You know me, I am not one for those perfect, shiny Hollywood endings. I also liked that there weren’t any vampires or wolves, etc in the book, anywhere. Ha!  

OK, so back to the story.  This is it, the third book. When I reviewed the first, I recommended waiting for the third to be released. So if you haven’t read them yet, go for it.  Read them all together. These are light stories. They aren’t quite as thought provoking as the Hunger Games series, nor are they as traumatizing though. There are lots of holes, but hey, it's written for teenagers, not adults. Accept it and move on. =)


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