A few months back  I was hanging out with a friend and he was telling me about a conversation he had with his mother.  He grew up LDS, but his whole family has since left.  His mother made the remark that when he was in her home, she'd like him to clean up his mouth. He told me his response was, in essence, well this is how everyone talks.  Swearing is part of everyone's every day conversation.  My reply to him was, though, that my brother's make an effort to clean up their mouths when they are around me, and I appreciate that.  He does me the same favor when we talk.  And I don't think it is naivety.  When I am in business meetings and someone using vulgarity in their speech, I'm offended. I don't think that is appropriate in the business place.  Where's the professionalism.

I love Tina Fey's humor. I think she is a riot.  I loved her Weekend Updates on SNL.  She has had some great experiences as she's made her way up the ladder of success. I just wish she had a cleaner mouth, and maybe used a little less potty humor.

Beside that though, I really did enjoy this book. A friend mentioned that she wasn't expecting a how to succeed in business book. I didn't so much take that away from the book.  Though that is what the story is, it was just the outlet she used to share humorous stories from her past (and not so humorous - you learn how she got the scar on her face). And there are some of her more serious life's lessons too.  

An enjoyable read, I just wish she'd clean up her language in a version for me.  Really, not everyone has to talk like that, it's cool to talk without swearing all the time, really, it is.


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