Can you tell I am a little behind on my posting? Here's another sequel.

I was not the hugest fan of the first book, Matched. I enjoyed the second book more than the first though. The first was just too much like all the other series. This book was more original for me. Though still following along with the whole escaping a Utopian society theme, I enjoyed the story in this book more than the setting up of the storyline of the first book.

I found the events of the story to be original. I like how the author brings in the idea that there is the society enforcing Utopian-like living and the society rebelling against this society, and it is possible, that neither is the right choice. So there are more than two sides to the story two ideologies. It's like a republic! Imagine that.

I still recommend waiting until the third book comes out and reading all three together though.

Enjoy (later this year, say, in November when Reached is released.)

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