Beautiful Oops!

I was watching my friends' twin boys the other night and we read this book together. I absolutely fell in love with this book. It is definitely a book for adults. If I had had kids, this would have been a book for me. Being a little OCD, it can be rough when things don't go right. I go batty when things are messy, when things aren't organized, when things don't go as planned. But this is a great book about making the best of those things. The things that are messy, the things that aren't organized, the things that don't go as planned. You know, life.

Bet you didn't expect me to ever post on a children's book. Surprise. I read lots of different books. I even bought a copy of this one for my book shelf, and I haven't purchased a book for myself in at least two years. It got to me that much. Crazy!

Enjoy with your kids, or on your own.

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