I had forgotten that the sequel to Incarceron was released. I am not sure what reminded me, but I'm glad I remembered.

When books are released as a series, ie: Harry Potter, Twilight, Hunger Games... and the list can go on, I prefer to read all the books at once.But there has always been something that bothered me when reading the series - the author always references events in previous books. For me, this shows the books cannot stand on their own, you have to read the series to understand the new book.

I didn't realize Incarceron was a start to a series. I may have waited had I known. And in a way I wish I had, because the second book didn't waste a lot of time retelling book one. It was nice. I enjoyed reading the continued journey of these characters, but I believe this second book can also stand on it's own. meaning you don't have to read the first book to enjoy the second... though I do recommend both of them.

This is a book that is a quick, light read - perfect for a vacation book.


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ariel said...

i've been meaning to read this one. maybe i'll wait until the series is complete.