City of Fallen Angels

I never watched the show Alias when it was on TV. I have recently watched the first few seasons on DVD. How do I know I would not have like the show when it was on TV? Cliffhanger endings. I dislike them greatly. Just finish the story already. I'll still watch the next episode if I like your show, but not to see how the last episode is resolved in the first five minutes, or less, of the next episode. I can handle it because I control watching the next episode when I want. But I wouldn't be able to wait a week, let alone remember a week later what needs to be resolved.

I was talking to a friend about this book. I was recommending the series to her, but felt to warn her about this one. Still like the storyline, still like the new unique characters. While the authors keeps the story clean by not having her main characters "go all the way," there sure do make out, A LOT. I could have done without so much of that.

As with TV shows, I don't like books which end with a cliffhanger. No spoiler alert needed, I do not believe it will ruin the story telling you that it has a cliffhanger ending. Many things are resolved, so don't stress that you aren't going to find out why Maia doesn't like Simon's new roommate for example. You will find out. But this is the thing that bothers me most of this book. Mind you, it is an exciting cliffhanger, and it is one that will not be resolved in the first 5 minutes of the next book (when is that going to be coming out again??? Not until May 2012? Oye!), but nevertheless, I didn't want a cliffhanger. We got to a lovely place to end, and then bamm-o!

I recommend this story. If you've liked the other three, you should like this one too.


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ariel said...

gosh, i'm struggling to get into this one. i'm 140 pages in {or something like that} and i swear nothing has happened. and i'm not a fan of cliffhangers either. they kind of make me hate the author.

LOVE alias. i watched season 1 & 2 on dvd back in the day and then caught up after that and had to watch on tv. good stuff :)