The Road

I am again torn. I recently reviewed Tinkers. A book that was well written, a book that kept me turning the pages, but a book that confused me. The writing in The Road, again, it kept me turning the pages. But at the same time, the writing confused me. The author does not use quote marks around the dialogue. And because the story is pretty much contains only the two main characters, there really wasn't need for quotation marks since they are only talking to each other. And part of what I liked was that he didn't use the quotes, but sometimes I just wasn't sure who was talking. Oh, and there isn't any set up. I know at times you start in the middle of a story, and then through flashbacks you learn how we got to where we are in a story. There are flashbacks, you learn some parts of the story, but not enough for my liking.

And consider yourself warned, this is a disturbing story. There are some pretty graphic scenes (violence, not sex). And it is quite possible that the suggestions of the writer weren't as bad as I took them to be, and it could be that my mind took what he wrote and imagined something even more horrible. I just don't know.

So if I haven't totally turned you off this book, I am giving it a "liked" score because I didn't hate it.

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