the hunger games trilogy.

I find it funny that I keep reading books that everyone else read a year ago. Oh well. This review contains a spoiler for anyone (as if) who hasn't read these books.
Since everyone knows what these books are about as they've been reviewed numerous times, I will just give my opinion.
Just like most people, I loved these books. The Hunger Games was probably my favorite, followed by Mockingjay and then Catching Fire. I was so scared to read Mockingjay because everyone kept telling me I would be disappointed and hate the ending. But honestly, the only thing I hated about Mockingjay was that she ended up married to Peeta when Gale was so obviously hotter (in my brain) and better for her. I guess Gale was my favorite from the beginning and I was rooting for him all along. Also, I secretly hoped that instead of having to pick between Peeta and Gale, Katniss and Finnick would just fall in love (why did he have to die?) and make it easier on everyone. I hated her wishy washy I love you but I dont attitude toward both guys. Like she was so superior that she didn't care that she was crushing both of their hearts at the same time, as long as she had what she wanted. Maybe I wanted her to pick Gale because I felt that Peeta deserved better?
I also felt like I should have been more sad when Prim died. But it was so anti-climactic, it just didn't really jog any emotion for me. It was just like, Prim shows up, the bombs go off, and Prim is dead. End of story. So basically the whole point of the first book (saving Prim's life) was destroyed. Hm..unnecessary.
Really, those are my only complaints.

All things considered, I would (and do!) recommend this series to everyone! LOVED IT!
And I can't wait for the movie. I am excited to see how they transform these books onto the screen.


ariel said...

i'm surprised you liked mockingjay better than catching fire! i liked mockingjay, but it was definitely my least favorite.

and WHAT?! peeta was so obviously hotter {in my mind}. :)

stephani said...

i guess i just have a type..my husband has olive skin, brown eyes and dark brown hair :)
that may explain it!