Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe

Have you read or see The Color Purple? I have seen the movie, a couple weeks ago while it was in town, I saw the musical, and I think I have read the book, but now I feel like I need to reread it. Maybe I am gullible? It is like when I read this book, I read a book about friendship, but my friend who recommended it read something different. The story The Color Purple includes a story of friendship. Reading the book and seeing the movie, it is a story of innocent friendship. I was a little disappointed in a small scene in the show where it shows the friendship to possibly be more than innocent. Darn you Oprah for totally representing a situation out of context. (I personally think, despite the good she does, she promotes way too much wrong in our society.)

I loved the movie Fried Green Tomatoes. Who didn't? (You probably don't want to admit it if you didn't...) I love the story of family, of friendship - how friends become part of the family. I liked the book, as obviously the film is based on the book. I loved the little stories. I really liked how the story was written, broken up, told from a couple different perspectives. It was cute. But I couldn't understand the main friendship of the story. The book didn't make it out to be as innocent as the movie. I just kept thinking about movie and telling myself that I was reading it wrong. So I will have to give the book a "liked" rating, instead of a "loved" for that reason. But it is a great story, and it tells much more about the characters than the movie does. It was fun.


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dave + kirst said...

I did hear the book made the girls relationship more than friendship so I never read it, wanted to but didn't want to ruin the movie :)