The Message

I'll start out by saying this isn't my style of book. I'm not a big churchy book person. For example, I was given a copy of the new biography for President Monson before it was available to the public... I just keep lending it out. It's not my thing.

That being said, I did enjoy this book. I don't think I ever reviewed the book The Shack on our blog. So I'll sort of mix that in here. I enjoyed the book The Shack as well. Though that book was written by someone with different religious beliefs than mine, I could still understand and appreciate his message. I have spoken with some friends who did not like this book. They thought it blasphemous. I prefer Ammon's approach and found the common ground in our beliefs. I would totally recommend the book.

The Message was written by a member of my faith. My coworker recommended the book to me a while ago and so I reserved it at the library. There is quite a wait list, but it finally came in. It is a quick read. It is an interesting read. This is a book where I won't actually give anything away in giving you a general summary. Basically, the author falls into a coma and he shares his experience of passing over to the other side. I didn't find there was any new doctrine that he tried to profess. It was all stuff we know, it was a confirmation for him of beliefs as it may be for the reader.

It is a totally religious book. So even if that isn't your thing, as it isn't mine, you may enjoy it.


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Gina Louise said...

Caprene - what The Shack gruesome? After I read the back of the book, I feared it would get into detail about the death. Did it?