Shadow Divers

Sometimes I forget how sheltered my life is. I recently watched the first season of a TV show on DVD. The show was BRILLIANT. The language was annoying. I know that my brothers and some family members say how they make an effort to clean up their language when they talk to me. They say that they have to really think when talking to me so they don't slip. But I wonder what their conversations really sound like when talking to friends. Do people really swear as much as they do on TV shows, in movies, in books?

I listened to this book on my iPod. I'd like to think that reading the book, I wouldn't have noticed all the language, that I could have skipped it when I saw it. Listening? Man, there was a lot of swearing at parts. A lot! I also wonder if I would have thought more of the book by reading it. I did enjoy the story. I enjoy learning about peoples' adventures, especially when they are real adventures. This book took a really long time to listen to. And listening to it, it made me feel at times that I was just listening to a research paper - like I was just listening to facts being read to me, almost like I was reading an encyclopedia. The story is good. I have never been scuba diving, so I learned a lot about scuba diving - I guess I hadn't realized how dangerous it was. I also learned a lot about the German u-boats and the people who sailed in them.

The story is good. It won't be on the top of my list of books to recommend. They mention a few times in the book that there is a PBS NOVA special about their experience, the top watched NOVA episode ever. I think I am going to look for that and watch it. I bet that will be cool.

If you choose to read this... Enjoy

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