I Capture the Castle

I am not a good person to ask, "Did you enjoy the movie?" to.  

When I got back from my mission, my friend Alese and I rented a lot of movies. I think she had set a goal to catch me up on all the movies I missed while spending 18 months in Uruguay.  We rarely agreed on the movie review. Unfortunately, in my eyes, if there was something I liked in the movie, even if there were a bunch of things I didn't like, that positive thing would stand out, and I'd give a thumbs up.  I worry I may be like that with books sometimes - I'm sorry if that is what you think of my opinion of certain books.  I guess I just am one to give [the book] the benefit of the doubt.  

But that being said, if you want a maybe more accurate movie, or book, review from me, you should ask how I like the end of the movie.  See, I don't like the "Hollywood ending." You know, the fairy tale ending, everyone lives happily ever after, no one has any more problems, the bad guys get what is coming to them - you know the ending I mean don't you?  I'm OK with a story not ending. I'm OK if not everything is resolved. I'm OK, though admittedly disappointed, if the bad guy isn't always punished.

I liked this book. I liked the ending.  I don't think I am spoiling anything by saying that.  I think there will be plenty of resolution for those who need everything put into the proper place for a happy story, but the ending is also open to many possibilities.  I haven't read an Anne of Green Gables book since I finished elementary school, but the protagonist of this story reminded me of Anne. For me, yes, that is a positive thing. I know, I know, there she goes again with the positive.  I enjoyed her innocent, adventurous spirit.  This is a story you just read and enjoy. You don't need to guess ahead and try and figure out a mystery.  You can get upset at some of the characters, I think you will (that could be a negative, maybe.) But I think it's fun to read the whimsical thoughts and observations of the young woman who narrates the story.

Another great for vacation book that you can read quickly through, or non-emotionally draining bedside book you can pick up each night before rest to just read a chapter, or a few pages.



ariel said...

I loved this book and I was totally satisfied with the ending. I recommended it to a friend who hated the ending. I guess I'm with you. I don't need everthing perfectly resolved.

Lisa said...

I'm the same way with movies I usually like every movie I see. Haha.