The Forgotten Garden

I take the bus to work pretty much everyday. I'd gotten so good at being able to read while on the bus, which is a major accomplishment considering how horrible I suffer with carsickness. But then we got a new driver. He is the nicest man, but his driving could use some improvement. I'm carsick on a daily basis, and haven't been able to read in forever - which stinks, because I loved that hour or so of reading I'd get each day waiting for the bus and then riding the bus. So, I'm trying ripping some books on CD into my iPOD. This is the second one I've successfully listened to now. (I have a really hard time listen to the books - and it takes so much longer to get through the book.) At least it gives me something to do on the bus now that helps distract from the bumpy ride into work and home.

This is the second book from Kate Morton I've now "read" (I did read the first one.) And I liked the story. I have to admit, since I love mysteries, I had this one figured out back at the start, just a few chapters in - but there was so much more to the story than just figuring out the mystery. And had I read the book at the normal pace at which I read, and not listened to the slow telling of the story, I may not have put as much thought into the mystery and just let the book tell me the story. Am I confusing you now? Well, read the book and it will make more sense.

I enjoy Morton's style of writing - not just that it is clean, but that she adds so many tangents to her story, but the tangents in the end all come together and leave you with a story full of twists and turns all leading to one sound conclusion.

Here's a synopsis by Google if you want to know the full story line, but in short, very short, a woman finds the truth of who her family really is.


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