The Mermaid Chair

In three words I deem this book: soulful, selfish, and amoral.

This book is about a women's coming-of-age. Usually we read about young adults, even small children doing that, yet this one is about a 40 year old who is having a mid-life crisis basically. As you can tell, I wasn't a huge fan. Though the book was intriguing (I kept wondering what choices she'd make), but ultimately I was disappointed in her choices and amoral attitude. But I did like the setting of book, on South Carolina's coast. Reading the imagery was beautiful.

Apparently this book was turned into a movie (just found this out as I was looking for a picture of the book cover). Kim Bessinger plays the women. Interesting. However, don't think I'll be renting that one.

1.5 out of 5 stars


Marianne said...

Thanks for the tip- this is sitting on my bookshelf as we speak. I loved The Secret Life of Bees, so I thought this would be good too. I'll probably skip it.

ariel said...

hmmmm. no wonder there are always a million copies of this at the book garden. nobody likes it well enough to keep it :)

Gina Louise said...

seriously. i think i got this at a garage sale. go figure. better luck next time. (the book garden getting this one . . . hopefully they'll accept it).

Gina Louise said...

oh and, ariel, love the new look. springy and fresh. :)

ariel said...

yeah, the grays were depressing me. still some work to do. i'm not sure what's up with the random borders??