Benny and Shrimp

Earlier this year on one of my frequent trips to the local library, I saw a wonderful display. It was a collection of books, hand selected by readers, that they wanted you to read and rate. And better yet, every five books you read you were able to receive a free book! My kind of deal!

There were 28 books and I swam through them. By the end of the three month period I'd read 25 of the 28 books, which means I walked away with 6 (they gave me a bonus because I'd read so many) free books for being entertained. But I couldn't leave it unfinished like that. I had to read the other three to finish out the reader's choice.

Unfortunately, Benny and Shrimp was one of them.

It's a story (love story?) about a bachelor named Benny and a bland girl named Desiree who meet at a cemetery and it's love at first sight. (He nicknames her Shrimp because she is skinny and white and bony like a shrimp. Um... Yuck?) Only despite anything they do they can't or won't make it work.

The author obviously has no idea about A.) relationships and B.) real life.

I'm kind of sad that this was fast read because if it hadn't been I would have given up early on and not wasted my time. It was 200+ pages of an odd and direction-less love story that went from bad to worse until finally it ended unrealistically. A terrible waste of my time, and a sad waste of paper.

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ariel said...

bummer. i hate to waste time on an awful book.

AND WOW! 25 books in 3 months? with kids? how did you have the time???