The Pillars of the Earth

This book was a SLOW start for me but after Oprah raved about it I thought i would give it a try. I cant say i was disappointed but I have a hard time giving it a referral. The story itself is pretty interesting, its about workers who travel the world to find work in their trades, building cathedrals and then moving on to the next job. it goes in to detail about the architecture of these buildings and i found it very interesting. the love story.... a little "raunchy" at times. so for you "prude" readers, this book is probably not for you. :). but all in all i'm glad i read it. should you read it? i'll leave that up to you. its a 1000 page commitment.


ariel said...

that's exactly my problem with it: "it's a 1000 page commitment."

i just can't bring myself to start it because it' so long. and i typically don't care for oprah's referrals.

ariel said...

p.s. lisa, haven't you had that baby yet!??

dave + kirst said...

i had a super hard time with this book, it was just SOOOO graphic. and I also felt like the characters kept re-living cycles of their lives over and over again through out the span of the book. super long, desperately and horrifically true to life, fascinating, but too much for me to handle.

however they are coming out with a like 6 hour tv-movie of it which looks super interesting... maybe it'll be better through form than the book, for me at least.