The Mortal Instruments Trilogy

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where you can see the book covers.
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A few years ago, my aunt and I went to see a movie. I was so uncomfortable through the whole movie because I was so certain the main character was going to cheat on his wife. In the end, he didn't, everything was innocent, and though I was so relieved, I didn't end up enjoying the movie. My aunt did, and she told me that she just kept thinking the story was innocent and nothing would happen.

I really enjoyed these books (thanks for the tip Lisa.) But there is one thing I wished I'd known before reading them. I was constantly reminding myself as I read that VC Andrews did not write these books (I can't believe my friends and I read all her books in junior high), constantly reminding myself that the story was innocent. I'm so glad I did, because it was. I won't post in this review what it is I think will help you sit easier as you read, but I'll add it as a comment and you can look at it if you decide to read the books as well and want to know. Or just do what I did and tell keep reminding yourself it is an innocent story.

True, true - the books do fit right into the current vampire book craze and all, but I think there is enough originality and creativity in these stories to keep you wanting to read on. At least I kept reading on.



Caprene said...

Spoiler Alert:
- they are not siblings -

ariel said...

thank you for posting this spoiler! i am in the middle of the 2nd book and it really makes a difference knowing that they are not siblings. otherwise i probably would have stopped reading because that would be the end of the romantic plotline... and what's a book without a romantic plotline :)