Mirror, Mirror

Did any of you read Wicked? If you haven't, don't. I read it. I pushed my way through. I hadn't yet attended the killer musical that all my friends loved and because of their reviews, I couldn't wait to see. I finished the book, called one of my best friends, and told her I no longer wanted to see the show and questioned her standards in thinking it a kid friendly show. I have seen the show, I have seen it twice. I love everything about it. I especially love that really the only influence of the book is the idea that Glinda and Elphaba were school mates and friends.

That being said, my aunt lent me her copy of Mirror, Mirror, written by the same author. She too made the admitted mistake of reading Wicked but said that this book was much better, much cleaner. The reason I rated this book as "didn't like" as opposed to "hated" is because I didn't finish it. I was so lost. I couldn't remember who was who or what was going on. After 6 months, I gave up.

Has anyone read Mirror, Mirror? Am I crazy? Should I give it another shot? I've already returned the book to my aunt, but could get it from the library. I almost thought at one point that I should make my own cliffs notes and jot down who everyone was. Maybe I've just been reading too much adolescent fiction lately and I'm not used to reading books for adults.

Hopefully someone else has read it and has a better review for you. But I don't recommend it.


Marianne said...

Yes, I have read Wicked. And you will all be suprised to hear that I was a little offended. (I guess not enough to stop reading it though because I did finish it- ha ha) Anyway, it was just after JJ was born and I was in the new baby funk so I really don't remember much about it. I had the Wicked soundtrack and really wanted to know what the story was behind it. I'm glad that you cleared this up for me though- I couldn't imagine how the songs from the musical matched up to that terrible book I had read.
I haven't heard anything about Mirror Mirror. I have a feeling that if YOU couldn't keep it all straight, then I probably won't be able to either!

Chris and Tara said...

Sadly, I bought Wicked (the book) just because I loved the songs from the musical (which I've never seen). Hated the book. I did finish it but don't think I'll ever read it again. Such a waste of money...