the hunger games, catching fire, etc.

Can I do several reviews in one post? I hope that's allowed.
What can I say about these books that hasn't already been said?
I absolutely loved them.

I am buying them right now.

I'm making Dave read them.

I'm telling all of my friends to read them.

I think about them all the time (woke up thinking about them, couldn't go back to sleep because I was thinking about them).

Can you tell how much I love these two books? Read them both in like 3 days.

*On a side note - they're making a movie out of the book! Which I have to say I'm a tad worried about actually. When I love a book so much I just don't know if a movie can do it justice, but I'm super excited about it at the same time. Due out in 2011.


Ariel said...

i'm with you on the movie. i'll HAVE to see it, but i'm sure it won't do justice to how good the book is.

Marianne said...

Ok, everyone loves these books. I'm going to put them on my list.