my sisters keeper

humbling, is one of the words that come to mind after reading this book. i really liked the writing style, and the insight that is provided though out the book about the characters lives. Each chapter is a different characters point of view. Very clever.
however....it is a very sad story and even though i knew this going in i was still taken by surprised. so if your in the mood for a good cry, this is the book for you.
one of my favorite quotes from the book.
"sometimes life gets so bogged down in the details, you forget you are living it."


dave + kirst said...

I still have this one on the list of books to read. I might get to it by next year ;D Too many to read!

Rachel said...

I read this in June. It was a good one. I wasn't expecting much but I kept putting me and my sister in the same situation which made me really connect with the characters. It also started a really interesting ethical conversation between me and Collin. Although, I kind of felt at the end she kind of took the easy way out. She made these arguements for both sides through the whole book and instead of picking one, she ended the book... um, the way she did (no spoilers from me!). I kind of wish that they had made a decision. That would have been more believable.

Marianne said...

Rachel I totally agree with you about the ending! About half way through the book I predicted the end, but instantly thought to myself, "NO, she would NEVER end it like THAT!" She did.
Whatever. I loved the whole Campbell/Julia thing. That was my favorite part of the whole book. I really enjoyed this one.