The Lost Symbol

I liked this book. It takes place in Washington DC and because I was there 7 months ago I could picture pretty much every place Robert Langdon went. I LOVED DC and when the book described some random fact about a place I had been I would occasionally say out loud "OH, I want to go back to DC." Sometimes I would say this to whichever dog happened to be sleeping next to me (I like to prop my books up on them) and sometimes I would say it while Collin was there. I got the same "whatever" response no matter whom my audience was. Anyway, that factor of the book made it really personal for me so I enjoyed that.

As for the story, what Dan Brown book would be complete without twists and turns and controversy? And Dan Brown did not disappoint. I saw some of it coming, but was really thrown off by other plot twists. Anyone who has read more than 2 of his books will think "Boy, that Dr. Langdon sure does get around. Not only the globe, but with women." His new lady love, Katherine, is by far the smartest woman who he's chased down lost symbols (ha ha) with. I liked her.

The mystery is all about Masonic symbols scattered throughout DC and a madman's all too evil and all too literal translation of those symbols. They mention the "Mormon's" a few times, but always in a good light and we are in no way central to the story; just passing elements of Robert Langdon's colloquial (point out the OBVIOUS) lectures Dan Brown is famous for.

It's a fun read. I don't think it will be as controversial as his other books. Then again, it doesn't make any claims that would tick off Christianity.

And, just in case anybody is interested, I really want to go back to DC.


Marianne said...

I remember hearing on the news a long time ago that Dan Brown was in Salt Lake studying the temple and all of the symbols on it for this book. Since then I've been curious about what he would write about Mormons, if anything. I haven't read any of his books.

Rachel said...

I remember hearing that too. He mentions that we do baptisms for the dead-but he doesn't knock it. He actually defends it as something sacred to us because we understand it. He does say that the prophet Joseph Smith used "magic glasses" to decipher the Book of Mormon. I thought that was funny. But he said it in a respectful way. I wasn't offended.

dave + kirst said...

I'M interested Rachel, and I'll go back with you in heart beat ;D I went a few years ago and would absolutely love to go back because there is so much to see!

Can't wait to read this book so that I can be even more excited/determined to see the things I missed.

Gina said...

i'm really excited to read this book! and i love how you prop your books up on your dogs. so cute. :)

ARRON N' L!SA said...

i finished this book a few weeks ago, so i didnt want to do another post right after yours since you pretty much covered it.. but i liked the book also.