speak is the story of melinda sordino, a 14-year-old girl who is sexually assaulted at a party. she calls 911 for help, but hangs up because she doesn't know what to say. the police come and break up the party. once it's known that it was melinda who called the police, her friends {and everyone else at school} hate her. melinda is confused about what happened that night and won't speak to anyone about it. she won't speak at all.

melinda eventually does speak, but first shows the reader how damaging the events of that one night are to her emotions and feelings of self worth. she is transformed from a good student with friends and hobbies to a depressed, cynical girl with poor grades and a desire to sleep all day.

melinda is sarcastic and funny. anderson really captures the way a teenager thinks and acts. i thought the story was very interesting and i can see why many middle and high school teachers have their students read this book. it was a satisfying read because of the healing that comes to melinda. i liked it.

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C+R=US said...

I saw this movie! It was on tv a while ago and had that girl from Twilight in it. As usual, I'll bet the book was better. I should read it.