life of pi

Well... I really didn't like it, sorry for those of you who did. It was kind of like a really, really, really long version on Old Man and the Sea which I found to be tedious and pointless. I kept hoping it would get better and it didn't. The whole beginning part where he was exploring different religions was kind of fascinating but then it never came full circle and he didn't talk about it again at the end which would have made it more meaning since he spent like 100 pages on talking about it. My advice - don't waste your time.

The story:

"This novel tells the story of a seven month long journey over the Pacific Ocean, a boy and a tiger in a lifeboat. Pi is a 16-year-old boy who lives in India. Although his parents are atheists religion is something that fascinates him. His love for God is so great that he cannot choose only one religion. He is a Christian, a Muslim and a Hindu.

His father who owns a zoological park is forced to close it and sell all the animals. The family decides to leave their home country and move to Canada with the animals on a big ship. But there is a storm and the ship sinks. Pi who is the sole human survivor ends up in a lifeboat together with a zebra, a hyena, an orang-outang and a Bengal tiger.

Life of Pi is a fascinating story about survival, belief, animal behavior, hope and hopelessness. The young boy struggles to survive in a very tough environment. A hyena, a tiger, lack of food and water, the sun, the salty water and sharks are some of challenges he has to face in a very limited space."



Rachel said...

I didn't like it until the very end. The end MADE the book. I almost gave up but was reading it for a book club I was in at the time. I am planning on reading it again in the next few weeks. I wonder what it wil be like to read it again knowing the ending. Kind of like reading The Thirteenth Tale again only not as fun.

Dave + Kirst said...

Well Rachel tell me something - do you think everything was how he first told it or the "story" that the people wanted because they wouldn't accept the first explanation? (I'm editing here for people who haven't read it so I won't give it away). I believe it happened as he said the first time - though it was interesting how he twisted his second story. I guess we'll talk about it tonight at book club :D