tHE BooK tHiEf

I'll be honest, it started out rough, i thought to myself this has to be the weirdest book i have ever read, but weird turned to interesting, interesting emerged into fascinating and by the end i was sad it was over.

what its about? the book follows the life of a girl in Nazi Germany as she loses her family, gains a new one and becomes friends with and helps hide a Jew. with death as the narrator the perspective is like nothing I've ever read before. i highly recommend it and also beg you to give it a few chapters before you decide the writer must be on crack...haha

disclaimer** its a heavy book so if your not in the mood to feel that cloud of complete ignorance that we all live under, its not for you. (the feeling of the book was a lot like "the kite runner")


Ariel said...

i have TRIED to read this several times! i know i would like it, i just can't get past the first few chapters!!!! i guess i'll have to try again :)

Caprene said...

I LOVE this book. It's definitely worth pushing yourself to get into it.

Gina said...

i'm reading this one next.

Marianne said...

I LOVED this book! I remember thinking that Death was kind of funny.