the sweet far thing.

first and foremost, this book was TOO LONG. i really liked the first two books in the trilogy, but the sheer length of this one nearly killed me. i still liked the characters. the plot was interesting {though slow}. what i liked about the trilogy as a whole was the dark, suspenseful storyline. it was haunting & gave me nightmares... in a good way! i like it when i think about a book after i put it down.

i thought bray wrapped up the trilogy well. the climax of the novel was interesting and gemma's love story resolved nicely, though not the way i thought it would. one thing i didn't like was how strangely feminist the book became the further and further i read. not that there's anything wrong with feminism... but at times it was just a bit much for me. basically the author was trying to get across how suppressed women were at the time... how they were trained to be proper, polite, submissive, etc and fill a specific role in society. gemma, felicity & ann all break these rules in their own ways. the message was good, but bray could have reined it in a bit, in my opinion.

overall, i liked it. didn't LOVE it. but the trilogy was fun and i would recommend it to any YA fiction lovers like myself :)

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