In three words I deem this book: classic, heartrending, and analytical.

This book was totally what I didn't expect it to be. The biggest misconception ever (thank you Hollywood) is that the "big green guy" is not Frankenstein. No, no. That is the green guy's maker: Mr. Victor Frankenstein. The creation (or what ever you want to call him) doesn't even have a name!

This short novel (200 pages, written in the 1800's) starts at the end of the story, or the present time, then proceeds to tell the horrific and sad story of the amazing scientist Victor Frankenstein and how he made his very fantastic creation (or as he would call it: the fiend, wretch, and/or demon). The picture is painted as Victor coming from a wealthy and very happy family. Victor is a very ambitious and smart young man who one day decides he is completely and totally awed by science; furthermore how life is created. Through many years of studying in college and with the help and knowledge of highly acclaimed science professors (and some body parts from a nearby graveyard!), Victor makes his creation. But it isn't what he was expecting it would be at all; so Victor runs from it.

I'll stop there. I would recommend this book just because it's a classic, a quick read, and a great book for a Book Club (because you can really analyze the characters), but it lacked the "umph" I really enjoy in books. BUT. Don't get me wrong - I was intrigued the entire time. I just wished it would've had a twist in it somehow. I was waiting for a M. Night Shyamalan moment and it never came. A little disappointed, but I won't bash it too harshly. Afterall, it is a classic.

3 out of 5 stars


cappyt said...

I love this book too. I've never seen a movie of Frankenstein, well I have seen the good ole "Young Frankenstein" - but any serious versions, no. And I don't think I will because I like the book so much. I've gotten only a few friends to believe me and read it. Hopefully you can be more successful in getting people to read. It's such a good read! I'm glad there's another fan out there.

Ariel said...

I believe you, Caprene! This is my favorite book of all time. I love all of the sustained allusions in it: the "blasted stump" & "the wrecked vessell". I just think it was brilliantly written for such a young author. And I can't stand Victor. I have no sympathy for him. blah.

Ariel said...

p.s. Gina, even though I know the monster is not "Frankenstein", I still find myself calling him that outside of the context of the book... go figure.

Gina said...

True, true. I need to talk to someone about this book because I know there are a lot of hidden things I'm missing. Know what I mean? Last night at my book club nobody had finsihed it (except for one) so I couldn't talk about it like I wanted to. We need to talk Ariel. I'm interested in your thoughts about his book.

Clay Jenna and JJ said...

I absolutely LOVED this book. I read it in high school AP English and have a new found love for it. It was the first book we read in English and I own I think two copies of the book. LOVE love love it!!!