The Silent Wife

Now that I've read the book, I've seen many reviews while searching for the image to use here, comparing this book to Gone Girl. I'm not sure about comparing it to Gone Girl though. It is much cleaner, yes, which was kind of nice. But it isn't as much of a page turner as Gone Girl was. I couldn't put that one down.  I think I read this one in one sitting, but more because it is much shorter and a quick read. But don't let any of that sway you.
It is a good book. It tells you right away she's going to kill her husband, so that isn't a spoiler. A good summer read.  As I think now about the different storylines in the book, yes, I can see similarities to Gone Girl. But I don't think anyone wants the pressure of being compared to a hit book because the readers will go in expecting a similar book. I've probably totally spoiled the book by mentioning the GG connection. How about you forget about it now.  In fact... you are getting sleepy, very sleepy. Sooooo sleepy, good now, I want you to forget any comparison between The Silent Wife and Gone Girl. Good, now when I snap your fingers, you'll wake up and not remember anything but it's a good idea to read The Silent Wife. OK, 3, 2, 1, snap.....

I recently read The Silent Wife. It isn't so much a mystery because the first thing you learn in the book is that our main character kills her husband. But we spend the story learning why she wants to kill this man and how she goes about putting her plan into action.


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