The Kitchen House

This is another story I considered for my book club month. An eye opener book. It is fictitious, but the author shares much of her research, the true accounts she bases the book's characters and story lines off of. Such a different time.  Such a different attitude. Such a different (and wrong) way to view people.
It is a story of slavery. Unlike many, I can't blame all former slave owners for their  actions. Honestly, many didn't know better. Think of things you grew up with. A simple thing - politics. How many people have based their political beliefs based on what their parents believe. I remember having an argument when I was 11 or 12 with my friend about politics. I don't think either of us really knew what we were arguing. I'd heard my parents talk about their side, she'd heard her parents talk about their side. And we both belong today to the political parties of our parents.  I can't speak for her as we aren't as close as were as kids, but mine have evolved a little as I've had my own experiences and developed my own opinions. But the base remains the same. People in the south, they were raised with slaves, with people doing the work for them. I think it is important to recognize that, while the majority of slaves were black, yes, not all were. It was a society of the wealthy thinking they were better than anyone else, regardless of skin color. No money, no equality. Also, for those serving as slaves. Some wanted freedom, and tried for it. Some wanted freedom, but were to scared to do anything about it. Some found happiness in their lives as they were, and they lived a happy life as they could.
As my friend and I grew up, we started to form our own opinions. In the story, as people grew, as they experienced, depending on that experience, their opinions may have changed. Some for the worse, some for the better, some wanting to make changes, some to scared to make the changes. Again, it is fictitious, but I think it is a powerful story. A story of our history. A story to learn from, and perhaps gain courage from for ourselves and things we may want to overcome or change.


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