Funny Girl


In the end, while I liked this book, I felt like I wanted more our of the story. It read as though it were a biography, and I'm sure much of it was based on true stories of many different actors. It was fun how the author brought in real people of stage and screen so that readers had a sense of real time with the events of the story. And it isn't that I wanted the story to end differently (I enjoyed the ending.)  I'd mentioned in the previous post that someone had recommended Hornby's books to me. I think it was because I enjoyed the films versions of his "About a Boy" and "High Fidelity".  This is the first book I read of his. I'll have to try another book to see if it is just his writing? Maybe, while I like his stories, I may not like his writing... like Jane Austin. I'm not actually a fan of her writing, but I like her stories.


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