As You Wish: Inconveivable Tales from the Making of The Princess Bride

PLEASE read this book. No, sorry. PLEASE listen to this book. Oh my goodness! I laughed my socks off. The story is full of narrations by most of the cast of the film, The Princess Bride, led by Cary Elwes, aka: Wesley.  I went out and purchased the Princess Bride book and am reading it now. Did you know it isn't an original story? But an abridgement of the history of a real place? And the characters are said to be real people - there's a historical museum full of items from the original, historical, people. Pretty cool!
This book is full of so many fun experiences from the making of the movie. You really get to know the actors who played the different characters.
I will be honest, having not had a great experience with Mandy Patinkin, I sort of cringed at somethings he'd said (or the actor reading his letters said, since he is one of the few to not read his own contributions) because having seen one side of him, I just couldn't imagine the side he was professing to display. But the rest, just awesome sauce!
I'm really excited to finish the "abridged" Princess Bride and then rewatch the movie after listening to this book. Oh, please listen to it. You are sure to love it too.


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