Overwhelmed : Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time

I really enjoyed the first section of this book.  I went into the book hoping to help clean stuff out of my own life. Like so many, we just have a lot going on. I set my priorities awhile ago. And I know what things are most important to me, and those get my priority. And then I fill in the gaps with other things. Once in a while I think I just want to check into one of those celebrity rehab like places, claim I'm having a melt down, so I can have a week of nothing - no commitments, no obligations - but then I realize, oh wait, that is what my annual get away to my cabin is.  So I guess I kind of already get that. But even that week, I'm still answering email, still talking calls, responding to texts, etc.  I sometimes just want a complete week off from life.

I didn't really find that in the book.  But I did learn to understand others better.  Reading the book has made me a little more patient with coworkers, a little more tolerant of their excuses.

But then the book goes into justifying being a working mom, and the priorities you should have. I read it all. Again, those chapters helped me with those I work with. I didn't like this section as much, but read to hope to still learn and to help myself.

I thought the book sort of turned into a women's rights, justifying different priorities type of a book. It started out so great... but couldn't hold onto that power.  There is a lot of great advice in the book. Again, as I said, it helped me with others, which I things can be just important sometimes as finding things to help in your own life. So it has a little something for everyone.


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