Uglies, Pretties, Specials and Extras

I list all four books in the entry title, but I only read the first three. I only got a few chapters into the fourth and stopped.

So this is another series based on the whole Utopian ideology. It's a great commentary on the influence of society - others deciding for us what should be attractive, what should be cool or trendy, what the color you should wear next season should be. It has a sci-fi twist to it (it has to have such a twist to work.) I think I finished the series just because I try not to start but not finish stories. The fourth story, Extras, it is more like how Gotham is the prestory to Batman, but not really Batman - the other characters in the Batman story - I think. I only watched the first episode and wasn't interested enough to continue. That is how book four was for me. I got the gist that it is a story of the same society, but different characters and I just didn't have any interest to continue reading.

So, another series I wouldn't put at the top of your to read list, but it could be interesting to read.


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