Night Film

Here starts my sorry attempt at catching up. I have a lot of books to write about.  The first one is Night Film. An aunt and I have been reading the same book sand then comparing opinions at the end. I really liked this one, she at the end wasn't a fan of the ending. 

This book is really dark, so consider yourself warned.  It's pretty twisted. But I kind of liked that.  It was interesting. 

I hope this isn't a spoiler for anyone, but I think, especially today - there are people that just look for so much meaning in events. Nothing is a coincidence. Everything happens for a reason, and they HAVE TO KNOW that reason NOW. Oh, and it hasn't to be a BIG reason, it can't just be happenstance. This is what I thought of this book.  They just keep digging deeper and deeper and finding more and more as to why what happened happened.  And then everything happens, the truth comes out... maybe, and maybe there is more... maybe?  I liked how it ended. How the case was solved.

It's a long one, but worth the time and effort.


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