Something Wicked This Way Comes

So we watched a lot of Disney movies growing up. A lot. Old, new (though there weren't a whole lot of new when I was growing up - it wasn't like the last 20 years or so when they've really, really starting doling out.)  I remember seeing Something Wicked This Way Comes on the shelves of the video store. It always sparked my interest, but we never rented it. I don't know if my parents have seen it and they'd just decided it wasn't for us?  I had no idea it was a Ray Bradbury story.  I just can't imagine Disney filming a Ray Bradbury story. That just doesn't seem like a Disney thing. I thought Watcher in the Woods (one of my favorites, but don't watch the alternate endings - ruins the movie, I couldn't watch for a few years after watching) - I though that was the as scary as they got. 

We've been doing Friday night movie nights with my godson, thinking of movies to watch with him. Movies his parents and I loved as kids.  We were searching the list of all Disney films, and I saw this one listed. I was reminded of my curiosity at the video store, so looked it up on the library website - and saw it was a book. So of course I had to read it first.

Oh.my.goodness. Disney made this into a movie? this was a creepy story.  I'm going to check it out from the library, still - but I don't think I can watch it alone. Defintely not one for the godson. Man, just creepy. I listened to this one as well - I did sit in the car longer to finish out chapters, or maybe just to gather my senses before going into the office or house. Wowsers!

Enjoy, in a well lit room, maybe with some distractions around so you don't get too lost/sucked into the story...

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