The Ghost Bride

Just don't read the last chapter. Maybe the last two chapters.

FYI - this is the craziest concept.  Ghost Marriage. Here's the wikipedia page about the concept.  Did you read it? Can you imagine?  So that is part of the story.  It is quite a fantasy of a story, dealing in the supernatural. I read it over a day of air travel. Between the airport delays and the two flights, I pretty much finished the whole book.  It was a bit of a quick read, I was enjoying the story.  I liked it. I had to stop a little before I finished.  I wasn't able to finish until the next day.  Oye!  What happened to the story?  I should have looked at how many chapters there were before I returned it to the library - but seriously, don't read the last chapter for sure. And maybe not the second to last either.  The end of the story sort of spoiled the enjoyment of the story for me.


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