Good to Great : Why Some Companies Make the Leap-- and Others Don't

Another business book.  I'm trying to read (listen to) through all of Jim Collins' books first.  I enjoy his view of business, how well he explains his concepts (thanks in part, I believe, to his being a professor.)  I am trying to read them in order, since I started with his last book on accident - but I think I messed up again, as other books are referenced in this one.

While his books don't necessarily apply to my line of work, I've learned a lot already about a number of other companies, if I do ever branch out, and how they work.  In this book, I found it interesting, because this is an older book, how many of the companies he ranked as successful, great companies are now floundering with troubles (Fannie Mae) or out of business (Circuit City).  As I listened to him explain why these companies were succeeding, my current knowledge of the state of many of their affairs, I also thought at the same time of how they left those high standards for conducting business and that is what, in part, led to their troubles.

I'm excited for his next book, but have a different author in my car right now, so that review will come sometime soon (another women in the workplace book.)


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