Miss Dreamsville and the Collier County Women's Literary Society

This is a perfect vacation book. A light story. A funny story.  A story of a bunch of misfits or outcasts who form a book club, digo - a literary society. It really is pretty much how all our book clubs form, isn't it?  We may not all be outcasts or misfits, but most the book clubs I've belonged to are made up of people with whom I probably would not have formed friendships without our "club".  And it isn't because they aren't women I would friends with. But, speaking of the book club I belong to now - which I just realized I am meeting our October meeting for right now, oops) I'm a single working girl. The other members are all married, they are all moms (some new moms, some with grand kids).  Some work, most don't though. But you get us in the same room, with a good book to discuss (sometimes a not so good book) - we can talk forever. We laugh about anything and everything. There have been so many nights when we didn't even discuss the book we'd read.
I think anyone who belongs to a book club will enjoy this story. And I think they will find plenty of things to laugh about with friends, or with your book club.

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