The World of Downton Abbey

Another book from the KSL list (6 books 'Downton Abbey' fans will love http://www.ksl.com/?nid=1009&sid=21605893). This is more of a history book. It teaches about the time when Downton Abbey is taking place. I actually found it an interesting read.  There is no real story in this book. But the book is full of stories of real people (because, you know, the people in Downton Abbey, they are not real) from that time. I enjoyed reading all the little stories and histories of the families.  Kind of gives you a better understanding of what was going on at the time. 
I liked the book. Though, again, it is more of a history lesson, than a sit down and get lost in the story, book.



James and Marianne said...

What? The people in Downton Abbey aren't real?!

Caprene said...

I know, I know - just like Bella and Edward and Jacob aren't real.