Midnight in Austenland

Yeah, another Shannon Hale book. So I enjoyed book number one in the series, not knowing this was a going to be a series. I read it before starting on this blog, so didn't share it here, but I did like it. I was curious how Shannon would write a sequel to it.

This is another book I shared with my uncle's wife. We were all staying at my grandparents' home in CA, in town for my grandfather's funeral. I'd brought a few books with me and thought she may want to read something while in town. I asked her what kind of books she liked, and the first thing she said was she liked mysteries. I didn't bring any detective books with me, but shared what I brought.

As fate would have it, this is a mystery novel. Who knew? So it is a sequel in that it happens in the same location: Austenland. But the story is totally different, so you can read this one without reading the first book. But read the first book too. And quickly (they are making a movie right now, and of course you should read the book first.)

As are most books I take with me on a trip, this was a quick read for me. But something I want to say about my quick read books, that I don't know if I'd mentioned before: the books make it easy, 99% of the time, or maybe 89%, to be a quick read, because I enjoy reading them. I enjoyed reading this book. It is a fun read, all the more so because I didn't know what I was getting into.


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