The Descendants

A while ago I blogged about The Privileges, thinking it was a book where I understood the thoughts and some of the actions of the characters, though I was disappointed in the end. I really like The Descendants though. I'm sort of between liking and loving it, so I gave it the "ranking" of loved, giving it the benefit.

I had no idea was this story was. I know there is a movie and it's received a bit of accolades, so thought I would read the book at least. There are quite a few story lines in this story, all continuing side by side and not one by one. This is much a worldly story in many ways. It sort of made me sad for the characters, reading of their thoughts and of their actions, though not shocked... because I am human. And though I grew up in, and continue to live, the LDS religion, not many of my friends shared my beliefs and standards, and many of them, I know, lived lives very similar to characters in the story.

I enjoyed the reality of the story. I enjoyed reading what I'd hoped to read in The Privileges (and it made me happy, happy to know that even though this is a book, that I am not alone with some of my philosophies). I definitely recommend this book. I have a Clearplay player, so will be renting the movie soon too. I am interested to see how they interpreted this one. I can't see Hollywood swaying much from the original text - at least I hope they don't.


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